Who We Serve


Hart Property Advisors, Inc is your local reserve study specialist here to consult and advise those who manage jointly owned or large scale properties providing a detailed, 30 year financial plan for the maintenance and/or replacement of the commonly owned components of the property.  HPA is a member of the Tennessee Chapter of Community Associations Institute and Association of Professional Reserve Analysts.


Single Family HOA

From small communities to large developments, HPA provides a personalized Reserve Study tailored to each community’s needs and preferences.  Single family HOAs often have many shared amenities such as clubhouses, fitness centers, tennis courts, playgrounds, walking paths and swimming pools.  

Condominium/Townhomes HOA

Whether a part of a single family HOA or not, we understand the unique needs of Condominium/Townhome HOAs. Often with more shared items such as building exteriors, roofs, parking lots and amenities, these HOAs must work together to ensure sufficient financial planning.

Mid/Highrise HOA

These multi-level buildings typically share lobbies, hallways, elevators, clubrooms, pools, fitness centers, parking garages and even commercial spaces. HPA understands the unique issues of multi-use space and has experience working with numerous mid/high rise communities.

Worship Centers

With most worship centers, the Reserve Study includes the entire facility preserved by the congregants who share the financial responsibility through charitable givings. HPA takes into account what each facility wants to accomplish and creates a Reserve Study to help that future vision come to life.

Private Clubs and Recreation Centers

From community centers to yacht clubs, each of these gathering places have unique and specific needs that HPA accounts for with individualized Reserve Study services. These places are vital in creating community in our neighborhoods and future planning is essential to ensure their continued impact.


Whether small detached buildings or multi-storied, this type of community experiences a high rate of residential turnover meaning increased use of shared spaces like hallways, club rooms and fitness centers.  A Reserve Study for apartments also takes into account the wear and tear of individual unit interiors.